Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Stops #2: Foote's Rest Roadside Cafe

Foote's Rest Roadside Cafe
Exit 30 on I-87
Hudson Valley, NY 

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 AM-5 PM

This month, we continue highlighting ideal summer eating.  Though you may not be headed to upstate New York this summer, let this inspire your road trip meals.  In general, we try to avoid the easy rest stops or fast food restaurants and find a local "hole-in-the-wall."  We hit the jackpot this summer on our way to Lake Placid, NY for a family camping vacation. 

Upon exiting I-87, we decided to be on the look-out for a place to stop and have lunch.  It was not long until we spotted Foote's.  Quick group decision-making led us to dining with some locals and truckdriving regulars, soon to realize what keeps them coming back.  Besides the great sign that draws you in, the trailer is captivating, particularly its eco-friendly advertising as "solar-powered."

If one is skeptical of its initial appearance, you are soon put at ease by the friendly and proud owner who will help you peruse the simple, yet complete road-side menu.  How does one decide?  It serves New York's popular hot dog brand, Sabretts, with toppings and a home-made bun!!!
"The Michigan"

Good thing they were out of falafel--that helped to make my decision easier.   The veggie wrap or the taco with its homemade salsa were intriguing, but I soon decided on the traditional gyro. 

As he lovingly prepared each one, he confidently informed us of his research and tour to find the best gyro--leading him to create his own...which he says is the "best you can find."  One of its highlights is the fresh, "non-processed" meat...admittedly, one can taste the difference. 

The Burrito
Inexpensive, individually made with great care, and exquisitely flavored, our meal exceeded expectations.  The tacos, burritos and hot dogs looked great and received wonderful reviews.  If you're headed north on I87, stop at Foote's on Exit 30 for a pleasant experience.

Evans' Eats Challenge:  Find a non-chain, local hotspot on your summer road trip--if you have a favorite, be sure to leave a comment of recommendation!  Need some ideas?  Try


  1. Who would've thought there's also a website for road food??!! Fun post!

  2. I tried to comment on this before, but it didn't work for some reason. It's not in the Hudson Valley. It's more like Keene Valley which you probably meant, but I don't think it's technically Keene Valley either! Now that you're totally confused....I don't know why I've never stopped!!!

  3. Update--Foote's has now moved. Here are directions to their new location: From the old location head east to route 22, which runs right along Lake Champlain. Then head south on 22 to Bridge Road (south of Port Henry, north of the village of Crown Point and Ticonderoga). On 22, follow the signs for the free ferry to Vermont.