Sunday, March 6, 2011

What inspired this?

 My husband Mark and I have a passion and interest in food, eating out, sharing food with friends—and specifically experiencing new restaurants—Ok,..well maybe that is MY passion and not Mark’s—but we both gravitated towards “hole-in-the-wall” independent eating spots over chain, over-priced and indulgently-decored establishments.  We enjoy sharing our experiences with others and are often asked “What’s a good place to eat in________?”  Where can I get a good_____?” 2011 New Year’s resolution was to enter the world of blogging—not for the purpose of boring you with unnecessary details, but to share the wealth and equip you with some new eating adventures in the "Lehigh Valley, PA and beyond." 
Feel free to share your own dining experiences or feedback or pass on requests of future blog entries or restaurant reviews..
For now, I’ll be spending some time catching up on the places that are already near and dear to us.
Future blogs may include a banter with my spouse, as our opinions and perspectives do differ slightly, though they are equally as important!  In addition, be prepared for some guest bloggers!
Soon to Come: Mediterranean Month.


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  2. Hello Evan,
    My buddy just opened a food truck business in Allentown called The Sticky Pig, and I wanted to see if you might be interested in coming out to one of his future events and try out his amazing food and write about your experience in your blog. feel free to contact me -- also their website is