Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mediterranean Month-Week 1:

1852 Airport Road
Allentown, PA

A pleasant surprise…though I was initially skeptical of the Airport Road “strip mall” location, I was surprised and pleased at the authentic, clean environment and overall dining experience.  Settling on the traditional gyro (a classic Greek delicacy:  a soft pita stuffed with a meat-beef, chicken or lamb, often accompanied by a sauce, onion,  lettuce & tomato), I found it to be heartier and more flavorful than other gyros I have had.  The offerings of various alterations of the traditional tzatziki sauce including a light version, basil pesto, marinara, buffalo, etc.  Though this may be more diverse than my preference for an authentic experience, I appreciate the options.    When I return, I’ll be sure to try their grilled chicken gyro or their veggie gyro, a plus for our vegetarian friends.
Highlights besides the exceptionally flavorful tzatziki sauce include their fast, friendly service, a clean down-to-earth dining environment with a touch of Greek décor, the side of fries and the roaming employee with samples of the traditional Greek dessert, baklava.  Unfortunately, she was not roaming during the time we are seated—but I am a huge fan of places that offer free samples.   Finally, we sampled a spinach cheese pie (spanakopita), a traditional baked dish with spinach and feta cheese wrapped in a filo dough—a decent addition to our meal.
The bill for 3 of us was:  26.12
Would I return?  Without a doubt. This is a much-needed, family-friendly ethnic addition to the area.  If you are skeptical to try a gyro, think again.  Forget the local diner this Friday night, and head to The Gyro Company.
As of now, has my vote for best gyro in the LV&B vicinity.

More reviews to come during Mediterranean Month……


  1. if you want to try a "hole in the wall" restaurant, you HAVE to go to Damascus in Allentown. Everything is homemade! You can literally see a grandma making the food from your seat. Here's the address: 449 North 2nd Street Allentown, PA
    I have many suggestions for this category!

  2. thank you, belen! i was actually going to send you a message to ask you the name of this place--you told me one other time! I will be checking it out and would love to hear your other suggestions!

  3. Groupon just had a 5.00 for 10.00 coupon! I should have grabbed it! Great idea for a blog!!

  4. I would like to see a picture of Marc eating at one of his favorite places in Cburg....Turkey Hill!

  5. I can second what Belen said not having been there myself; my friend Rami from work grew up in Lebanon, and said (in his opinion) the most authentic Falafel in the Lehigh Valley was at Damascus.

  6. Thanks for the feedback,Lundys--I also eagerly await trying Damascus' falafel!