Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Stops #1: Bochi's

Bochi's Homemade Food 
500 West Broad Street
Quakertown, PA  18951
Hours:  11 AM-8 PM

Summer is arguably the best season of our year.  One of its assets is the weather and outdoor eating freedom it provides.  Furthermore, Evans Eats is devoting this month to review eateries that will be most enjoyed in the warm season.. 
Bochi's, otherwise known as "Empanadas Argentinas" due to their vast sign, brings South American cuisine to a side street in Quakertown.  Located in a small walk-up window storefront, it sits next to Pep's Ice Cream Parlor (former location of Rita's water ice.)  Open since early 2011, this friendly, hospitable Argentinian couple are working hard to provide an excellent and affordable product.  While their menu includes basic items such as subs, hot sandwiches, "all American" hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as some Italian items, their featured delicacy is the empanada. 
spicy chicken
For the local PA Dutchmen who have never head of this, it's similar to a deep-fried pierogie, but filled with meat, cheese and/or vegetables.  Don't be intimidated by the word "fried"--it was not too greasy--in my opinion, perfectly cooked.  We couldn't decide on our favorite but thoroughly enjoyed spicy chicken (chicken, red peppers, onions, picante sauce and seasoning), corn (sweet corn in a creamy sauce, onions, scallions, and parmesan cheese), vegetarian (spinach, ricotta and minced onions) or BBQ pork (squares of tender pork and provolone with BBQ sauce).   
Besides the authentic, flavorful taste, the prices are unbeatable, leaving our table to order a second round.  And I quote, "You can feed a small army for $60!"
                                                      3 empanadas + a soda=$4:00
6 empanadas+2 free=$7.60
12 empanadas+4 free=$15.00
18 empanadas+6 free=$22.00

The rest of the menu's prices are similar--a cheeseburger for $1.50 a huge milanesa completa (an authentic sandwich-breaded veal, egg, lettuce, tomato on a large roll) for $4.90!  Egg on a sandwich with veal? Common for many South American countries--why not expand our cultural awareness? 
Next time I plan to try a personal tarta--looks like a generous-size personal quiche offerd in veggie, ham & cheese or Bochi's special including ham, cheese, bacon, tomato, sweet peas and eggs. ($4.90)

Be prepared for picnic table seating--ideal for families but not if you value comfort and ambience.  The night we tried Bochi's, we happened to overhear a father teaching his 2 kids about Argentina and the correct pronunciation of "empanadas."  Later, we ran into him at owowcow creamery.  Commenting on his great selection on this evening out with his kids, he exclaimed, "You gotta raise 'em right!" 
I couldn't agree more.

The simple yet thoughtful presentation reflects Argentinian hospitality
Look closely for letters imprinted on each empanada--this is their system for distinguishing flavors!
Will I return? Yes--especially because I want to try one of those good-looking tartas or a milenasa especial.  Bochi's is a creative inexpensive summer lunch or dinner spot.  Let us know what you think!


  1. jealous once again.

    a favorite memory of Bolivia was learning how to make cheese empanadas on the cold and rainy days, or when a student at school would bring a box in from town and sell them for 50 cents. a favorite memory of Broughal was when students or teachers would bring some to share in the teachers lounge.

    now at language school, we have a tradition of sharing a cake each week. our venezuelan classmate says she doesn't know how to make a cake, so she's made us tortillas instead. i've tried convincing her to make empanadas for us...she says they're coming some day...

    all that said, this place sounds like a dream.

  2. We are sad to announce that Empanadas Argentinas has closed its doors. We hope to see them re-open in another location soon!