Friday, June 3, 2011

Breakfast Month #4--Piccadelly Cafe

Piccadelly Café
3610 Route 378
Bethlehem, PA  18015

What role does friendly service play in a dining experience?  It’s a subtle yet valuable aspect that contributes to the satisfied, positive feeling after a good meal out.  Piccadelly Café encompasses that.  In fact, they’ve had my vote for “most friendly service” 2 years in a row for Morning Call’s Reader’s Choice Awards.  The women who run the business take such ownership of hospitality and customized care, giving you the impression that they are serving you in their own home.

Piccadelly Café may not look attractive from the exterior.  In fact, it is easily overlooked in its strip mall  location at the intersection of Route 378 and Black River Road.  Yet it is daily filled with dozens of regulars, coming in for take-out, a pre-work breakfast, or a lunch break with co-workers.  They’ll remember your face and peg you with a “usual” order.

Feta & Spinach Omelet
Breakfast menu includes the standard, along with these recommended highlights:
  • Feta & Spinach Omelet, side of potatoes and toast
  • Walnut Encrusted Croissant French Toast, topped with strawberries
    Yogurt Parfait
  • And my personal favorite:  the yogurt parfait—combo of lowfat vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit chopped with love, topped with granola…this surprisingly filling dish will be sure to include in season fresh fruit, at times from their own orchard!  In fact, at times it has a subtle minced mint that enhances its flavor.

Keep in mind, these women aim to please and will be sure to honors special requests.  Its 7:00 AM openin g is a highlight of this café, a convenient and quiet location for an early breakfast date.

For coffee lovers, be sure to try Saigon Cinnamon—one of the most enjoyable flavored coffees I have had. 

Piccadelly is open for breakfast and lunch, but closed on Mondays.  Besides the delicious breakfast menu, it offers delicious salads and sandwiches—sure to please male and female!  Sandwiches can even be ordered as a pressed panini.  A personal lunchtime favorite is their housemade quiches, served with your choice of salad or fruit.  Their selection of desserts will be sure to entice you after any meal…don’t pass up the pumpkin cheesecake offered in the fall!

Will I return?  Definitely—this happens to be a regular place that I meet friends for a breakfast or lunch date. 

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