Thursday, June 9, 2011

Breakfast Month #5--Billy's Downtown Diner

10 E. Broad St.
Bethlehem, PA  18018

Hours: Daily, 7 AM-3PM

In 1 Timothy 4, Paul makes a short but profound statement to Timothy, with the implication to give thanks for food because it’s a gift of God given for our enjoyment.  As I scanned the vastly innovative menu at Billy’s, this verse came to mind.  God has so graciously created food to be diverse, colorful, and tastefully combined in such a way that food can and should cause us to worship Him. After all, He is the source.  Did Billy know he’d inspire such an effect?

The features for Evans Eats’ Breakfast month were in place until 2 trusted individuals, my brother Nate and friend Mark, recommended Bethlehem’s well-known eatery.   It was a place I had not visited.   I must confess, diners are not my preference so I proceeded with teachable caution.  When I perused the website’s menu, I knew their slogan “not your ordinary diner” was trustworthy.  The best description of my meal was “an eating event.”
A wall full of local awards advertises its success

Let “Billy” speak for himself as he shares the history and vision for the business her purchased in 2000.    While you are there, notice their daily breakfast specials
I was so tempted by the Baklava French toast, one of the many items on their breakfast and lunch menu that reveals their Greek emphasis.  Instead, I went for another unique offering--
Gia’s breakfast treatPita pocket stuffed with a creamy chocolate hazelnut spread, crunchy granola,
sliced fresh strawberries and bananas drizzled with honey ($6.29)
 In addition, my friend Courtney ordered Berry Krunch French toast: Three slices of French bread dipped in our own egg mixture crusted with crunchygranola drizzled with homemade brown sugar glaze. Topped with dried cranberries and fresh strawberries. Crowned with whipped cream and cinnamon ($8.29)

Both proved to be unique, but genius combinations of flavoring and texture, not to mention appetite-satisfying.  The menu was full of sweet and savory items for any sized appetite. 

The atmosphere had the comfortable and almost cozy feel of a vintage diner car. It did not take long for every table and booth to be filled, many who appeared to be neighborhood locals.  The service was fast and friendly.  Coffee was average—what you’d expect from an “ordinary diner.”

Will I return?  On occasion—remember it is an “event,” including the “not your ordinary diner” prices—so it won’t be a regular treat. However, there are many other menu items that are waiting to be experienced. Consider these:

Tonga Toast:  Sourdough bread dipped in our own French toast mix and topped with fresh strawberries, bananas and walnuts.  Draped with low fat vanilla yogurt and dusted with cinnamon ($7.99)

Green Eggs & Ham Breakfast Sandwich:  This great sandwich is made with
eggs blended with spinach and basil pesto, sliced ham, melted mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes on a grilled ciabatta ($6.59)

Lil' Havana Omelet:  Slow roasted pulled pork in authentic Cuban seasonings with grilled ham, Swiss and Pepper jack cheese wrapped by three fluffy eggs and topped with diced tomatoes ($8.99)

I’ll be back. 

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