Friday, May 27, 2011

Breakfast Month #3: Jumbars

Bethlehem, PA

My only regret related to Jumbars, is not visiting sooner.  When Evans Eats’ began breakfast month reviews, I was reminded by 2 dear friends of my need to include Jumbars, what I have come to believe may be one of the best kept secrets in the Lehigh Valley.  While I spoke so highly of Blue Sky Café and remain loyal to that review, this overall experience is quite a rival. The beautiful weather enticed outdoor seating, but the cozy indoor environment is too good to   pass up for a first time guest.  

Every table was filled in the inconspicuous house with a small sign—adding to the thrill of the best-kept secret.   The crowd included all ages and both genders—a good sign for appealing to all.  Solo parties could be seen reading a book or magazine while enjoying a cup of delicious fair trade and organic coffee or a fresh house made baked good with one of their variety of flavored hot or iced teas.  Some groups were spotted pairing up after running into each other there…the treasure of a well-done local spot: encouraging community!  Beyond the crowd, so many small touches enhanced the overall comfortable and enjoyable feeling—from the colorful vintage fiestaware, to the sturdy farmhouse water glasses, to the bar overlooking the display of baked goods, to the shelves of book for perusing pleasure.  

It's a privilege to have my friend and guest blogger, Meghan share her perspective in yellow:  
One of life’s simple pleasures, a gift from God, is a slow Saturday morning. A morning without a to-do list, tedious errands, and numerous events. This past Saturday I had one special engagement, with mentor and a friend. A smile exploded on to my face, Friday night, when I was invited, the next morning, to brunch with Heather Evans.
Nestled outside historic Bethlehem, Jumbars is a small brick home which possesses a character and a style all its own. The delight of the dining room is only complimented further by Jumbars homemade entrees, pies, and breads.

Stepping through the restaurant’s front door, the room held the warmth of my Grandmother’s own kitchen. After seating ourselves, Heather and I, eyes wide, scanned the yellow and green walls posted with today’s gourmet specialties. The quaint, but colorful dining room held you like an old friend. The springtime sun flooded the room and conversations swirled through the air. Friendliness seemed to reach out from the walls. I was too busy smiling to set eyes on the menu.
When the waitress came up to us, for the third time, I figured I better order something. How can you choose between an Asparagus, Mushroom and Provolone Quiche or a Pork Roll Sandwich with farmer’s cheese on a toasted house-made english muffin? As much as I’d like to say I ordered both, I chose the pork roll sandwich and a shared a side of colorful fresh fruit. 
(I, Heather, enjoyed customizing an omelette, accompanied by daily fresh house-made bread and potatoes, but could not pass up the fresh fruit cup, especially since they support local produce.   

The unique feature that melted my heart was the selection of their jams—again house made—I was sure to try 4 different kinds: blueberry, orange marmalade, peach, and strawberry-rhubarb!  Bread loaves and jars of jam can be taken home, along with the wide assortment of baked goods.  The gourmet lunch menu looked enticing with a variety  of unique salads and sandwiches,  Their breakfast menu is simple, classic, yet thoughtful.) 
Jumbars prides it’s cafe on a sense of community and “fresh, hand-crafted cuisine.” What you see is what you get, and my there is so much to see. Tables around you are filled with fluffy hot-cakes, an assortment of omelets, decadent pie slices, soups and salads. Light, fresh smells glide into the air off of warm plates. Bright and vibrant colors assure a crisp, unprocessed meal. There is beauty in the simplicity and ease in the atmosphere.
After another a cup of coffee and a few more minutes of positive conversation, I encourage you to grab a brochure before you leave to uncover the name, the women, behind the gem that is Jumbars.
Will I return? Without a doubt!  I wish it were closer—as this has and will be a deterrent—but I am looking forward to sharing this with some other breakfast lovers!

Open for Breakfast and Lunch, closed on Mondays

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  1. and your brother lived less than a mile away for five years...

  2. Went here yesterday for breakfast and fell in love all over again...blueberry pancakes and coffee were amazing!

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