Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 in Review:

The end of 2013 brought time for reflection & thanksgiving...the Lehigh Valley really does have a lot to offer the food scene--our year of eating included Mexican, Turkish, Middle-Eastern, French, Southern BBQ, Jamaican, Spanish/Portuguese--to name just a few.   Locally grown products, health-friendly, comfort food--old and new spots include it all.  While we have our favorite spots we continually return, we want to share just a few categories to reflect some of our favorite eating in 2013.  What have been your most memorable meals? We'd love to read your comments!

Favorite Mexican:  Fiesta Habanero

Favorite BBQ:  Tex's Smoking BBQ

Favorite Ice Cream:  milkshakes at MOO

Noteworthy addition to the Lehigh Valley & Beyond:  Full of Crepe

Favorite Thai:  Charly's

Favorite Find:  Damascus

Favorite Comfort Food:  Paprika's

Most Memorable Meal:  Europa Barbeque

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  1. Altho' it's been awhile since you wrote this review, we ate there for the first time recently, and my husband said he thinks it's the best burger he ever ate! ys