Sunday, December 15, 2013

619 N. 7th Street
Allentown, PA  18102
Hours:  M-Sat 11a-9p; Sun 11a-7p
Credit Card:  Accepted
Spoon Rate: 

Winston's brought us to a part of Allentown we might not normally visit or travel.  The online reviews were supportive that it was worth a visit.  To my knowledge, Winston (the personable owner), has a niche in the LV serving Jamaican or "West Indian & American" cuisine.   A no-frills ambience, reggae music playing in the background and authentic-looking, friendly employees greet you as you enter.  
We asked, "What's good here?  What do you recommend?"  He looked at us with confusion at our question and responded "ALL of it!"  His enthusiasm overshadowed his lack of assistance in understanding the simple menu.  Here it is: (see photo)  No paper menu.  No explanations...but the steady stream of customers, almost all getting take-out, all seemed to know exactly what to order.  We graciously accepted some free samples of the curry goat and oxtail.  He explained rice, beans, mixed vegetables and plantains come with every order (selections of fish, chicken or beef).  I like that.   Not to  mention, he guessed what I would order--jerk chicken ($8), a safe and standard option, for sure.  My husband ordered the curry goat ($10).   Now that we know the system--ordering would be a breeze.   

We dined in at one of the few tables--to get the full experience.  We enjoyed observing the friendly, neighborhood vibe.  The customers know a reasonable we were soon amazed by the portions.   The curry goat was tender--curry taste was not too overpowering.  Jerk chicken had a mild bite to it, but combined beautifully with the sides.  Definitely delicious, flavorful comfort food, with plenty of leftovers to take home. 
Our leftovers

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  1. The last time Dad had jerk goat was when we went to a little restaurant the night before your graduation from Rutgers. He loved it. I'm sure he will want to check out this place sometime!