Monday, May 6, 2013

Melting Pot Month-Ephesus

549 Main St.
Bethlehem, PA
Hours: M-Sun 11a-10p

Spoon Rate:      

Main Street, Bethlehem is blessed again with another new restaurant option.  I was intrigued by its name, an ancient city in Modern-day Turkey & its claim to serve Turkish, Greek & Mediterranean food.  There are plenty of other options in the Lehigh Valley that already have my attention, like True Blue Mediterranean (whose new 2nd location is around the corner from Ephesus), Soumaya & Sons, or a newfound, Damascus, just to name a few.  However, the Turkish cuisine, is a welcomed addition to the Valley.  This was intriguing.

I can't say we have an intelligible response for what distinguishes Turkish food, but we had an enjoyable meal.  An ideal location for a date night, we were offered the window seat--a beautiful evening to enjoy the Bethlehem strollers.  We were served with pita bread and a seasoned dipping oil.  Speedy and friendly service brought our salads (included in our entrees) with accompanying olive oil & a tasty vinegar.  (I read an online review where someone complained that this was the only dressing option--so this serves as a warning.  Seriously, though--can't we have respect for the cultural traditions and feel privileged by what's offered instead of needing our American, individualized preference?!)

I decided to order something new for me, and settled on the "Swooning Priest," intriguely-named, vegetarian dish of eggplant stuffed with tomatoes.  Served with rice and a generous portion of plain yogurt--it was interesting, I wasn't quite sure whether to mix the yogurt with the eggplant?  Nonetheless, it was enjoyable.  

The waiter raved about the lamb gyro platter my husband decided to order.  How can you resist when he repeatedly informed us "You can't buy meat like this anywhere.  We make it special."  He was satisfied and the most special part was the large serving, including 2 different kinds of rice.  The pride he took in the food that was served definitely enhanced our overall experience.  

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  1. "Swooning Priest"? LOL. That looks like Imam Biyaldi (The Imam Fainted). Funny translation.