Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Melting Pot" Month-Week #1: Jenny's Kuali Authentic Malaysian Cuisine

Jenny's Kuali
Authentic Malaysian Cuisine
102 E. 4th St.
Bethlehem, PA  18015
Hours:  Mon.-Fri. 11a-8p   Sat. 11a-9p    Sun. Closed 

Evans' Eats Spoon Rates:   

Last post, I featured a true "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant on a Malaysian river.  Thanks to our ever-increasing international cuisine right here in the Lehigh Valley, we have our own Malaysian hotspot.  Ideal for Lehigh University students or those who are in this southside neighborhood, Jenny's has been open since Summer, 2012.   I don't know a lot about Malaysian food other than their popular noodle-based dishes often accompanied with spices like curry & turmeric.  This seems to be a solid selection and would be a recommended Asian alternative for those wanting a break from their local chinese take-out. 

Jenny's is cozy, clean and modern in its aesthetics (I especially loved the red chair cushions!) and has a 
 reasonably-priced menu (average dish $8-$10).   

A highlight was the appetizer menu.  We settled on vegetable steamed dumplings ($5) and curry puffs ($2) filled with chicken, curry & potatoes.  These were enjoyed with their complimentary sauces  If we return, we may just choose a sampler of appetizers and take the opportunity to try one of their soups ($1.50-2.50).  

 Jenny's provides a variety of  vegetarian, beef, chicken or shrimp dishes that come with white or brown rices.   The noodle dishes come with your choice of lo mein (egg noodles), mai fun (rice noodles) or chow fun (flat rice noodles).  Our orders of vegetable mai fun and shrimp noodles with chow fun almost came too quickly (recommended if you are on time constraints!) & were OK. (Again, the highlight was the appetizers.)  

Evans' Eats has also started a long overdue rating system.  Here are the standards that will be used & listed at the beginning of each post.:

 5 Spoons: I loved it. Can't wait to go back & take a friend.

4 Spoons: I really liked it & will return.
3 Spoons: I liked it. Worth a visit & might return. 
2 Spoons: OK, but probably won't return.
1 Spoon: Don't bother.
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  1. Love the pictures you take to accompany the stories, and love the new rating system!