Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Evans' Eats: Lehigh Valley and BEYOND....

Hole in the Wall
Langkawi, Malaysia. 
Wishing I could have joined one of my readers in Langkawi, Malaysia.  So thankful she passed on this great picture-and her review of a recent dinner at this floating restaurant on the Kilim River.  Its creative name "Hole in the Wall" certainly fits the theme of Evans' Eats.    She enjoyed Tom Yam soup and curried chicken or prawns.  She wishes to inform any readers willing to make the trip that this restaurant is BYOB--bring your own boat!  I stumbled across this video which gives us a greater peak into this intriguing dining experience.  Thanks, Pat! 

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  1. So funny, but how appropriate for your blog that it's called "Hole in the Wall".