Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pizza Month-Week #1: Pronto's Pizza

Pronto Pizza
40 S. Main St.
Coopersburg, PA  18036

Let's be honest.  It's hard to find good pizza in the Lehigh Valley.  Especially if you've been spoiled by living in New York City--no one does pizza like the Italians.  I know many people appreciate a slice from the average local pizza shop, but throughout my childhood, even prior to being exposed to the real deal, I found myself just tolerating it.  

Although there is much to be thankful for about the Lehigh Valley Region, coming back and looking for a decent slice (which I prefer a thick, hearty crust--not too crispy but definitely not too flimsy) was an exception.  However, we discovered a gem within walking distance from our home.  

The small borough of Coopersburg is stacked with pizza shops, including "Pronto's", a local favorite.  While there is nothing distinct about their regular pizza, I highly recommend their sicilian pizza.  Sicilian pizza is a thick rectangular pizza, slices come in a square.  While you pay more ($18/pie), it goes a long way, serving 12 generous slices.  

Pronto's may have our vote for all-time best Sicilian we have experienced.  What makes it distinct is the thick layer of cheese served under a large dollop of their red marinara sauce, with a sweet edge to it.  We look forward to opportunities to share this pizza with friends and are quick to recommend it to area newcomers.


  1. Agreed! Best Sicilian anywhere, and thanks to you for introducing us! As far as regular pizza...try Armettas in Emmaus.

  2. Agreed on Best Sicilian. For standard/regular pizza, I'm a huge fan of Casa Mia, which is by Starters and No. 1.


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  4. It's hard to find good pizza in the Lehigh Valley???

    In that case, I've been craving a good slice of mediocrity for the past year and a half, and a mediocre pie will suit me just fine!!

    Rest assured, the pizza definitely doesn't get any better even in traveling closer to Italy itself...