Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deli Month-Week 1: Kim's Kitchen

5842 Main Street
Center Valley, PA  18034
Hours:  M-F 10-7; Sat 10-3; Sun Closed

I've made a pleasant discovery as I considered this month's feature:  the Lehigh Valley has a unique twist to delis.  Living for a brief time in New York City, the term "deli" has one connotation:  every corner is decked with a mom-and-pop business that serves a meaty sandwich on a kaiser or a killer New York bagel.  While this is definitely a highlight of the metropolitan cuisine, the Lehigh Valley's delis, at least the ones I'll be featuring, have an ethnic creative flare.  I look forward to sharing the adventure with you and hope you'll be thankful for the Lehigh Valley's expansion of the term "deli."

Our first feature leaves me ashamed that I have not supported it sooner.  Right in my Southern Lehigh Backyard, we are privileged to have what must be the LV & B's best Korean fare.  Since 2004, this deli's friendly owner,  Kim has been introducing the area to a sampling of traditional Korean foods.  Her business lives up to its name--I entered and left with the impression I was in her personal kitchen, being served with some beautiful Asian hospitality.  

Warmly greeted as I walked in, I was quick to feel at home with the cozy tables and the offer of a cup of hot loose leaf green tea.  She was quick to offer suggestions from the menu, showing her confidence and pride in the cuisine.
Her menu offers variations of Korean and American dishes for a quick or sit-down meal, such as a korean cheesesteak  served with choice of korean dumplings or salads, made with her own korean beef (if you've ever enjoyed the privilege of a flavorful korean barbecue, you'll be enticed by this fusion!) or enjoy a traditional American deli sandwich such as a BLT, salami or roast beef.  (all $5.99)

I highly recommend trying the "Korean Specialty" as an introduction to where Kim shines. With your choice of Korean beef, pork or chicken, you receive a truly generous sampling of traditional Korean food.  For $8.99-9.99, it comes with 4 dumplings, served with a delicious sauce (ground asian pear, soy sauce, and ginger.  

The second course was a delicious cup of squash soup (some of its ingredients included curry, coconut milk and sprinkled with cinnamon).  Kim then brought out the third course, a sampling of "kim-chi" and "cucumber kim-chi", assorted salads.  My favorite was the seaweed salad. 

The main entree included rice, chicken, a seafood pancake (including egg, spinach, shrimp) , Asian noodles, and a portabella mushroom.  As if there weren't enough surprises, my experience ended with a dessert plate of sliced mango and a piece of gum.  

This touching feature is served with the Korean Specialty entree--nothing better than leaving with fresh breath!
                                       Not only that, I left with  some                                       enjoyable leftovers and a satisfied stomach.

Besides offering a private, comfortable setting for a lunch or dinner date, Kim's Kitchen provide catering and private dinner parties.  Next time you are in charge of planning a corporate meeting or family function, step outside the box and try a Korean Barbecue.  You'll enjoy delicious food served with an inviting, enjoyable chef and hostess.

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  1. We have fond memories of going there with Eunsun to have a taste of home! :-) We always enjoyed what we got as well!