Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Coffee Shop Month #4: Brig O' Doon Coffee House

Brig O' Doon Coffee House
239 Durham Rd.
Ottsville, PA  18942
Hours:  Tues-Fri 6:30am-5:00pm  Sat-Sun 7:00am-4:00pm

Brig O’ Doon, is not only one of Buck’s County’s best-kept secrets, it currently holds the primary spot on my mental list of all-time favorite coffee shops.  To me, it not only effectively represents the culture of Bucks County through its historic, modern, down-to-earth ambience, but it sets a precedent.

Brig O’ Doon has become an appreciated setting for personal retreat.  On a country road, it preserves a quiet internal and external atmosphere for undistracted reading, studying, and writing.   My favorite spot is one of the window nooks, with a countertop made out of a large tree trunk and high glass windows-the perfect light and inspiring scenery.   A blend of "chill" music, such as Jack Johnson, is often playing quietly in the background as Ottsville locals move in and out during their morning routine. 

Brig O’ Doon attracts cyclists breaking from a journey on the country roads of Bucks County, while neighbors meet and gather around the front tables or the comfortable couches towards the rear.  It’s energizing to overhear the conversation & community that is facilitated by this atmosphere and observe how this has become the town-center of-sorts for this rural area. 

Once chatting with a fellow customer, he verbalized the philosophy of Brig O’ Doon:  “Get to know each customer by name.”  The owner, who opened the shop less than 5 years ago, has effectively trained his employees to mirror this personal approach.  Visible in his oversight on a daily basis, he leads the way in greeting consumers, and then introducing them to staff members. 

The personal touch & setting are not the only forms of excellence.  It rotates 30 different blends of coffee from Finger Lakes Roasters.  My favorite is Jamaican me Crazy, amongst the most vibrant flavored coffees I have had.  Patrick, the owner, is sure to state that he encourages individuals to support their most local coffee businesses. 

For the non-coffee patrons, they serve a variety of teas-brewed and often mixed in advance with milk & sugar.  Be sure to ask for a sampling.  Currently they serve Ajiri tea, a quality product with a social mission.  Coffee & tea can be purchased in bulk to take home.  

Brig O' Doon has a simple but quality selection of breakfast items:  my favorites include the baked goods (scones & muffins baked on premises or from local businesses.), the delicious oatmeal made to order (toppings include raisins, dried cranberries, walnuts, and/or brown sugar), and the bagels with a variety of cream cheeses.  I was surprised to find out the authentic NY bagels come from Vic's Bagels of local Bethlehem, PA, impressively hand-rolled and boiled by a Lehigh Valley Local!
One final feature is their neighbor, Kimberton Whole Foods market, offering a variety of organic products.

Brig O' Doon Coffee House exemplifies excellence: ambience, product, setting, & customer relations.  I look forward to many more memories of rest & retreat with a book, journal, and cup of Jamaican me crazy.

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  1. Was here once and LOVED it! Hope to return.