Friday, December 23, 2011

Bakery Month #2: J Scones

J. Scones
4119 E. Swamp Road
Doylestown, PA
Hours:  Wed-Fri 8a-6p; Sat 8a-3p

An inconspicuous small shop with a subtle sign offers uniquely delightful scones.  While the baker's retail hours are limited, scones and other pastries and cakes can be ordered.  Frozen bundles of scone dough can also be purchased---a wonderful item to have on hand over the holidays for those out-of-town guests.   In fact,this enables other local businesses such as Brig O' Doon Cafe to offer freshly baked scones. 

Scone lovers will appreciate the flavor selection and their moist consistency while those who typically pass over a scone should think twice if you make the stop at J. Scones.  Follow the small sign by the   Keystone Diner on Route 313.  The friendly owner will take the time to beautifully wrap your purchase. 

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