Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bagel Month #4: Johnny's Bagels

Johnny's Bagels
472 Main Street
Bethlehem, PA  18018
additional locations:  Westgate Mall & Lehigh University Campus Square

Downtown Bethlehem is a charming location for any restaurant or retail business and happens to include an ideal spot for a quick and delicious breakfast or lunch.  The warm lighting, long & narrow layout blends modern & historic in this corner spot visited by tourists, locals & college students.  Ideal for take-out if you can't grab a seat because of the usual morning crowd.

Johnny's serves a boiled bagel--definitely prime choice in the Lehigh Valley for overall best bagel based on size, density, and flavor (along with NY-style authenticity).  Served with a variety of cream cheeses or a delicious variety of egg sandwiches-one cannot complain about the selection.  I've heard great things about their large menu of lunch sandwiches and look forward to visiting again   sometime.  Johhny's also serves delicious brews of fair trade coffee, some coming from One Village Coffee, a local group with a great mission.

My favorite feature:  the window view red leather couches...where I have shared memories of conversation, breakfast and friends--a great view of Main St. Bethlehem and eye-catching art for the window shoppers.

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