Monday, March 30, 2015

Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant

Machu Picchu
1330 E. 4th Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
Hours: M & T: Closed; W-Th 12p-7p; F 11a-8p; Sat & Sun 11a-10p

Southside Bethlehem has an appealing variety of ethnic cuisine, including a family-friendly Peruvian restaurant in the heart of one of its neighborhoods.  To my knowledge, it's the only Peruvian restaurant in the region.  Having a wonderful experience at one in New York City with our Peruvian friend, we were curious to see what Machu Picchu brings to the LV & B.  

Though the atmosphere temperature was a little too cool for comfort on the cold evening we visited, the dining room is spacious, clean and ready for many local guests.

Although we didn't try the traditional Peruvian dish, ceviche, (a raw fish cured in citrus juices), we were eager to select from the appetizing traditional menu options.  We always appreciate the authenticity of a restaurant when the menu is primarily Spanish, with English Translation.  Of course I attempted to resurrect my rusty Spanish from high school education as I order.  The menu includes a variety of beef, chicken and fish ($6-$15, depending on portion size)  Entrees served a variety of sides, including rice, french fries, fried bananas or beans.  I ordered Pescado Frito Filete Arroz con Yuca ($10-fried fish fillet with rice and cassava).  The meal was simple, but delicious and comforting.  An accompanying housemade green sauce, that appeared to include oil, parsley and garlic, was a key addition for flavor.
My husband ordered pollo a la brasa con papas fritas y ensalada de lechuga ($9-chicken with french fries and salad).  His selection was flavorful, tender and generous in portion. 

As we dined, the tables slowly filled on an early Friday evening.  Some came in for take-out orders, while other groups of all ages, including families, joined us for dine-in service.  
Our meal ended with leftovers and a full satisfaction from South American hospitality and comfort cuisine.    

Our next visit will definitely bring a sampling of their ceviche and something from their dessert menu, like crema volteada (flan).

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