Friday, February 8, 2013

Round 2 of Mexican Spots: Week #2- La Placita

La Placita Mexico Deli
158 N. 12th St
Allentown, PA 
Hours:  M, W, Th: 11a-8p; F-Sat 10-9:30p; Sun 10a-7p 
(Credit Cards not accepted)

Some time ago, I came across some reviews for La Placita.  It was evident that the Lehigh Valley has given its approval for authenticity--so one Friday night we ventured out to give it a try.  Upon driving by, my husband refused to stop, as it appeared to be a corner store with only 2 stools by a crowded window for seating.  While my adventurous spirit is willing to make anything work, he apparently wasn't in the mood to make these aesthetics our Friday night out.  When convincing could not work, I resigned  myself to the missed opportunity to try what could be a hidden gem.  Thankfully, not too long after this, 2 friends asked us if we had tried La Placita, naming it their favorite places in the area.  After confirming there was more seating in the back, this is the verification my husband needed to give it another try.  

A true lesson in judging a book by its cover.  Located in the heart of Allentown, this family-run business is like stepping into the home of a true Mexican madre.  I even pulled out my high school Spanish skills while reading the part- Spanish/part-English menu and ordering La Placita Special (a chicken taco and chorizo taco with refried beans and rice-($6.75).  One of the best features was the double-wrapped corn tortillas.  Mark ordered green chicken enchiladas ($7.75), deliciously topped with avocado, cheese, sour cream and sides of classic rice and beans.  His review: "very spicy, very good."  

The complimentary chips and delicious salsa were enjoyed while we waited in the cozy back amidst the store shelves.  They maximize their space, but seating is limited--a few nestled tables. 

If you have a large party, take-out is your only option. But this is the place to go to charm your friends with some of the most authentic Mexican in the Lehigh Valley.

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