Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Who Knew?" Month-Week #1: Rascals Cheesesteaks

Rascals Cheesesteaks
1350 MacArthur Rd
Whitehall, PA  18052
(610) 774-9600
Hours: M-Sat 7a-8p; Sun 9a-5p

A cheese steak shop in a Home Depot?  Who knew? Sometimes the greatest gems are in the most inconspicuous locations.  For more than 5 years, Rascals has been serving up hands-down the best cheese steaks in the Lehigh Valley to contractors and home repair customers--and thankfully our friends have introduced us.  

A completely take-out restaurant with only 3 stools, they have the most diverse cheese steak menu with reasonable prices ($4.99/small; $7.99/large).  Their gourmet selection includes Indian, Thai, Jamaican jerk, Creole, Greek and more.  

Their sturdy, generous rolls surpass the standard.  Not to mention, the passionate, quick service in a clean, classy set-up puts customers at ease. (Home Depot must have hooked them up with some great tiling that really enhances the aesthetics!)

We look forward to a return to sample more of the flavorful menu.  Which one next?
Jamaican Jerk
Spicy BBQ


  1. Great food at reasonable prices! the staff is very friendly... unless you ask for sauce on your steak! (HA HA!)

  2. When my dad passed away, I spent a lot to time at Home Depot picking up supplies to get the house ready to sell, stopped here because I was too tired to go any place else and had the best cheese steaks in the valley.This place is amazing.

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