Monday, July 30, 2012

"Eat Fresh Eat Local" Month-Week #4: Cafe' Santosha

7150 Hamilton Blvd.
Trexlertown, PA  18087
Hours: M-F 9:30-2:30

Hidden in a strip mall health food store (with quite a vast selection), is a treasure self-proclaimed as "the only organic cafe' in the Lehigh Valley."  Opening over a year ago, the store owner's daughter now is pumping out wholesome goodness.  While we were told their main specialty is their lunch, I was captivated by the scrumptious breakfast and consistent values. 
First of all, every detail of their store purposefully promotes organic, sustainable nutrition & living.  From the display of silverware, cloth napkins, vintage plates and mugs, to the selection of organic teas and coffees, accompanied by natural sweeteners like stevia and organic honey.  Not to mention the coconut milk creamer, a thoughtful touch that will win over any vegan, organic or lactose-intolerant diner.  They promise to "carefully select local farms & vendors to offer the highest quality organic, veg, hormone-free meats & dairy products."

I ordered a delicious yogurt parfait, with my choice of Greek yogurt sweetened by agave, artistically topped with homemade granola, raspberries, sliced bananas and a hint of mint.  Thankfully I saved room for the recommended almond scones, straight out of the oven...a conversation-stopping, tastiest scone I have ever experienced.  Again, my heart was warmed by the considerate and authentic options of strawberry, apricot, orange or raspberry jam.  
I enjoyed every aspect of our quiet, delicious breakfast but I was definitely compelled to make a return trip for lunch as I viewed the menu, especially the soup of the day:  sweet potato with coconut and red quinoa.  Vegan & gluten-free options are available on most itmes upon request.  A variety of summer specials are offered:  the cobb salad, summer bruschetta trio, summer panini and raw zucchini-pasta bowl.
As well as their "create your own sandwich menu" where the customer chooses a protein, spread cheese, vegetable and bread.  Just when this sounds routine, consider some of their choices---a wide selection of vegetarian proteins such as "soy boy caribbean or smoked tofu, baked fresh tofu with homemade marinade, sunshine or garden burgers, Tofurkey slices, etc.  Spreads include safflower mayo, garlic and herb mayo, stoneground mustard, dijon mustard and a special sauce (grapeseed oil veganaise & stoneground mustard.)  Peruse more of their menu on facebook but consider the bread options: sprouted 7-grain; artisanal seeded multi-grain; whole-wheat wrap, olive roll, croissant or gluten-free bread.

Just when you didn't think it was possible to maintain your organic diet while dining in the Lehigh Valley, Cafe' Santosha brings an encouraging and hopeful encounter.  Also, catch them at Bethlehem's Vegfest on September 8, 2012


  1. I just found your blog while trying to find some nutritional value for Habachi Grill and Supreme Buffet....your blog describing your plate and philosophy were very helpful...I am going to dinner tonight with a better attitude and you can stay with a low cal if you really really want to. Thanks

  2. Great to hear it! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I'm fortunate to work across the street from Healthy Alternatives and I eat there several times a week--either as a diner or as takeout. The food is fantastic. My current favorite is the raw zucchini pasta bowl.