Sunday, February 5, 2012

Asian Month #1: Thai Thai II

Thai Thai II
509 Main St.
Bethlehem, PA  18018
Hours:  Tues-Sun Lunch & Dinner

What first comes to mind when you think about Asian food?  Hopefully this month will expand your horizons to the local options besides your neighborhood Chinese take-out joint.  For those of you who still celebrate Valentine's Day, the LV & B offers a variety of Asian restaurants proving to be ideal date spots.

My primary local preference for Thai food is found  in downtown Bethlehem: Thai Thai II.  To my knowledge, it shares an owner with relatively new to Emmaus: Thai Thai House.  If you have had the    opportunity to try the downtown Emmaus location, we'd love to receive your comments!

Thai Thai II offers a quaint location, clean, bright, modern environment, with exceptional service.  Its menu, aesthetics and respectful staff provide a seemingly overall authentic experience, which often seems stripped down in current trendy Thai restaurants.

Spring Rolls
If you are new to Thai food, consider it a less heavy, more flavorful version of Chinese food.  A classic is Pad Thai, but as you peruse the vast menu you'll be sure to find a selection that suits your interest of vegetables, sauces and your choice of meat:  pork, shrimp or chicken. In addition, a dinner guest will receive their desire of rice or noodle dishes and customized level of spice. 

Thai food is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly genre, also offering tofu or meatless dishes.  Our friends enjoy the Pad See Aew, a stir-fried flat noodle with egg, chinese broccoli and seasoning soy sauce.  Drunken noodles is another stir-friend flat noodle served with a variety of vegetables, choice of meat and basil sauce.
Vegetarian Kra Prow

One of my favorite selections on their menu  is Vegetarian Kra Prow: a variety of vegetables, tofu, and a distinct, palatable basil sauce served over rice.  For a starter, I recommend thai dumplings, spring rolls or a thai salad drizzled with the classic peanut dressing.  For the sweet tooth, try a classic Thai iced tea.

Thai Thai II is versatile, providing an environment for a romantic date, night out with friends, lunch with a coworker, and ample seating for a family outing.  Its quiet setting promotes quality conversation.  However, if there is a birthday in the room, you'll enjoy "Happy Birthday" played loudly with the lights dimmed!  Finally, you'll leave satisfied, tastebuds enlightened, with a light, healthy feeling.  
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  1. Sounds yummy! I need to get there. My sister works at Moravian and we keeps saying we are going to get there...but...we don't. Now after reading your interview I am calling her.

  2. Good to be reminded of this. We were there once and really enjoyed it. Nice to know they have lunch too, I don't think I remembered that. Love good Thai food!!

  3. I always love Spicy Curry with Coconut Beef & Mushroom. And all other Thai Food.Thai food's something I'm growing to love more and more. This place was a fun albeit interesting experience.

    The food was great, no changing that, (probably one of the best Pad Thai that I've had in quite awhile) but the service really left something to be desired. For one, it took us forever to get seated.

  4. Good pictres. I could eat here every week. I think this place hits the mark for Thai food. Not too fancy that it costs too much yet not too cheap that you begin to suspect things about the ingredients.

    Appetizers: The Hoy Jor is great. The Tom Ka Gai soup is also well done with a great blend of heat and flavor.

  5. The individuals working in this restaurant were great, our
    food server was so professional, nice, and best service I
    have had at any restaurant. The food was amazing, and I
    cannot wait to go back. Feels good to eat local foods. A good
    place to go for lunch meetings!

  6. Just moved to the area and Thai Thai House in Emmaus was one of the first places we tried. Excellent service and the food was great. Coming from a city with more restaurant options than I can count, I was worried we wouldn't find anything here. But this place did not disappoint!