Friday, September 16, 2011

Bagel Month #2: Bagel Basket

Bagel Basket
1850 Friedensville Road
Bethlehem, PA (near Hellertown)
Hours: M-W 6 am-3 pm, Th-Fri. 6 am-8pm; Sat-Sun. 7-3pm

Where is your favorite spot to get a bagel?  I've discovered a few out-of-town spots that I love to visit as I of my new favorites is Village Bagel in Warrington, PA because of their generous-sized, flavorful specialty bagels or Fill-a-Bagel in Jenkintown, PA because of their great store-front, delicious bagels and La Colombe coffee.  In addition to these recommendations,  Bagel Barrel in Doylestown, PA, is another that not only offers a great product but the community-friendly feel that accompanies it.

This is what stands out to me at Bagel Basket.  Offering a wide assortment of on-premises freshly baked bagels, the typical line and full tables show that it is a favorite morning stop for many local residents.  One of its best features is the outdoor seating under their porch. On a side road in Hellertown, it feels tucked away, providing a serene setting for a chat with a    friend or reading the morning paper.

Although I've heard mixed reviews about their bagels, my husband and I are among many who enjoy an opportunity to stop by.  Bagel  Basket can win the local prize for the vast assortment of flavored cream
Annie Energy Bagel w/peach cream cheese

cheese--including peach, blueberry and apple cinnamon to some of the more standard sweet spreads.  For the bagel sandwich lovers, the consensus is "they know how to fry a mean egg and their bacon is delicious."  Top it off with their wide array of  supreme Green Mountain coffee.

Bagel Basket is also open for lunch and their sandwiches sound delicious--besides cold deli sandwiches, they serve a variety of hot sandwiches served on a bagel, croissant, ciabatta, wrap, kaiser roll, white, wheat or rye bread.  Their combos come with a pickle and a side of pasta, macaroni, potato salad or coleslaw.  Finally, they always have a few homemade sweets (scones, magic bars, cookies and more!) hanging around the register that I haven't tried, but look enticing. 

 While Bagel Basket can feed for your family year round--beat the coming cool season and take a book or a friend over to the Bagel Basket to start your morning right.

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