Saturday, August 20, 2011

Burger Month #2: Basically Burgers

33 N. Main St.
Doylestown, PA
Hours:  Sun/Mon 11:30 - 7 Tues -Thurs 1130 - 8 Fri and Sat 1130 9
*Cash only
The charming streets of Doylestown include this family-friendly, down-to-earth burger shop that has a thoughtful, expansive menu for an array of customers.  It offers
  • Gluten-free hot dogs and hamburger rolls, which are increasingly accessible in grocery stores but rarely in restaurants
  • Asherah vegan patties and a variety of veggie and black bean burgers for the vegan and vegetarian crowd
  • Hormone free ground beef for those who have been influenced by the documentary Food, Inc.  or your own education on the processing of our foods.
  • Nathan’s hot dogs for the non-burger customer, and anyone who has experienced a NY-made-popular Nathan’s hot dog.
  • "Build your own" and “house” featured burgers for the adventurous, topping-lovers like me, served on a beautiful roll.
  • Ice cream and shakes for the one-stop experience, convenient for families with young children.
  • And my favorite feature of Basically Burgers’ location besides the charming owners and friendly staff:   the chalkboard wall—definitely a magnet for the kids…what an ingenious idea—an instant babysitter for parents, while providing us with wall art and a view of the young artists of the future.
Our meal came to $19.19 for a beverage, sweet potato fries, black bean burger with toppings and a house special, the port mushroom burger. 
Will we return?  It’s a definite first option when we take a trip to Doylestown.  Ideal for a simple but delicious family dinner, or a convenient lunch-break during jury duty or work for Bucks County locals.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Heather.
    I really want to go now :)